From Sunday the 28th of February we’re running a five week sermon series called What is God saying? In it, we’ll explore whether you can discern the voice of God (without being crazy), what it looks like and how to do it. 

Throughout those five weeks, we’ll also be running our Connect Groups

If you’ve been around Blackwood for a couple of years you would have heard of connect groups. If not, think of them as short term small groups. They meet once a week to catch up, study the theme by doing a ‘deep dive’ into the sermon and pray together. They’re a great way to meet new people, learn something new and be refreshed (and perhaps challenged!) through prayer. However, signing up to one, doesn’t mean you’re signing your life away – they’re just a five week commitment. 

We have 2 connect groups on offer. Both starting March 2nd 2021. 

In addition to the connect groups, we have a new type of group available: a Reflect Group. This Reflect Group will run after the Sunday morning for the five weeks of the sermon series (starting on the 28th of February) and will be led by Lynne and Rob O’Sullivan. Each week the reflect group will get together and ask the question, ‘what did God say to you through the service?’ It’s an opportunity to practise discerning God’s leading in a low key, supportive and safe environment.

We’re very much looking forward to our connect groups starting up again, and we hope you are too. 

Give it a go: meet new people, learn something new and be transformed.