Lord, Teach us to Pray

The what, why and how of prayer

A five week sermon series, starting on Sunday the 25th of July exploring the gift, power and encouragement of prayer. All welcome (whether you’ve never prayed before, or done so one hundred times!). 

10am Sundays in person or online at www.blackwoodcc.org.au/live-stream

To take the place of our planned connect groups, we’re launching a four week Prayer Course Distance Study Group. If you sign up, this is how it will work each week: 

  • On Monday, I’ll email you a link to the 20 minute prayer course video
  • Over the next couple of days, you’ll watch the video whenever it suits you (invite a friend over if you like!)
  • On the Friday, I’ll email group members a couple of questions relating to the video
  • You ‘reply all’ with your answers, so we can share together. 

It’s that easy! It will be informative, encouraging and transformative. It’s about a 30 minute per week time commitment. The questions won’t dive into the deep and personal, so you can be a part whether you know everyone well or not. (And whether you know a lot about prayer or not!). If you want to be a part, click the button below, to leave your name and email address.